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BerichtOnderwerp: Lyrics van het album   za dec 06, 2008 8:14 pm

De songteksten van de liedjes van het album;

1. An Awful Lot Of Running
2. Gallifreyan History 101
3. Friends Of The Ood
4. Shipwrecked
5. Count The Shadows
6. Blink
7. Type 40
8. Exterminate, Regenerate
9. K9’s Lament
10. Journey’s End


1. An Awful Lot Of Running

He is like fire, burning through time
As old as forever, but fast in his prime
saw his blue spaceship materialize
He looked out and said to me “run for your life!”

I don’t know why I never thought to ask for his name
But I really don’t think he’d have told me the truth anyway
But that’s ok

It’s completely terrifying but it’s so so exciting
He said I was brilliant and I could change the world
So many places I’ve been; there’s so much more to see
We’ve got galaxies and planets and moons
And an awful lot of running to do

As a full-time companion he gave me a key
And a phone with a signal in every galaxy
As we fell through the vortex I felt so free
Please don’t let this danger just be another dream

Cos my life before you was unreasonably mundane
I’ve never been happier although we face death every day
I wouldn’t have it any other way

And you know you can fix that chameleon circuit if you try hot-wiring the
fragment links and superseding the binary/binary/binary/binary/binary/binary
2. Gallifreyan History 101

At first we were just Gallifreyans and that was fine.
Just taking up space and biding our time
Till Rassilon came along
With his ever present sense of right and wrong
He was strong, he was mighty
He was the founder of Time Lord Society

Now this is the subject that everyone finds the hardest
But you’re gonna have to pass it if you want to earn your TARDIS
Nobody’s graduating from this Academy
Until you’ve all mastered Gallifreyan History

Now Rassilon had a buddy called Omega
His interstellar science would amaze ya
He found our source of power
And devised a cunning plan in under an hour
It went sour, he was erased
But at least now we could travel through time and space

Now if there’s a subject that’s impossible it’s this
In comparison, the Untempered Schism’s a piece of piss
But nobody’s graduating from this Academy
Until you’ve all mastered Gallifreyan History

So now we’re all time lords and that’s just fine
We’re travelling through space, bouncing through time
But we’ve made it clear not to interfere
And that’s a rule to which we all must adhere
But I fear that the Doc
Is away causing havoc in his big blue box

Now that brings up to date and we’re all gravy
I just hope it doesn’t get messed up by Russell T Davies
Nobody’s graduating from this Academy
Until you’ve all mastered Gallifreyan!
Until you can say you’re Gallifreyan!
Until you know all about Gallifreyan History

3. Friends of the Ood

As the sun comes up on another day
And the sunlight drifts into our mutual mind
I start to sing without any disarray
And I broadcast my melody, via basic 5
Everybody starts to sing with me
The wind whistles across the snow
But it wont affect our phycic flow
On this planet we are free
The circle is broken, and we’e cleared the debris

’cause being an ood, is better when you’re free
I can sing all day now im out of captivity
Running through the snow with my brain in my hands
I feel like your song is coming to its end

Its hard to think about what’s happened to my kin
Once and empty slave race, but now thinking again
Its such a shame that all those humans couldn’t quite construe
We aren’t just a reflection, we’re just the same as you
So throw away your credits, and give us our free will
We know we’re a bit ugly but we’re friendly as hell
Hopefully without us you wont pine away and die
We want to live our own lives now, at least let us try

And even if you hate us, and think that we’re all scum
We live on different planets so im sure you’ll succumb
Friends of the ood we thank you, for everything youve done
Youve been so good to us, and our new lives have only just begun

So lets just be friends ^_^
4. Shipwrecked

I believe everything happens for a reason
Why did we end up here
Chronarchs dead, nothing left; all seems so confusing
Vortex can’t just disappear

What happens when all the lights go out
There’s no way back; we’re stranded now
What happens when everything goes dark
It’s got no life left in its heart

I’m sorry, I’m so sorry
Seems I’m not that clever after all

Now my race are erased; nothing but the memories
Folktalkes told through time
Legacy meant to be buried with the yale key
And my remaining lives

A green glimmer of hope, we can’t let it go to waste
If I give some of my life, we’ll use it to escape this place
Where are they running off to, I thought that they would care
Try to keep them safe, they don’t know what lies out there

I’m getting old and I can’t carry on
5. Count The Shadows

The day is almost over, the sunlight is going
And the people walk in shadows, completely unknowing
That there’s something lethal in the air that they can’t see
Now a Time Lord could save me just by turning on a light
But I don’t think that the Doctor’s gonna show up tonight
And so I’m trying to remember what the Library said to me

Gotta focus on all the silhouettes that you can see
Cuz if the number keeps on changing then you’re no use to me

So count the shadows, count the shadows
Cuz they’re edging towards you like a hungry moth to a flame
So count the shadows, count the shadows
Cuz if you’ve got more than one, then you’re the victim that they will claim

In the Library the darkness is waiting to attack
And some explorers went inside but they ain’t never coming back
Namely Miss Evangelista, Anita and two guys called Dave
And the Shadows made four thousand other people disappear
And they’ve been hungry and waiting for a whole damn year
For some fresh meat that isn’t gonna register as “Saved”

An invisible carnivorous aggressive Armada
And they go by the name of the Vashta Nerada
A thousand thousand million piranhas in the air
The tingle on your skin that you feel in the dark
May be the hungry ones who contemplate leaving a mark
So when you’re reaching for the light switch, make sure you’re prepared
6. Blink

Sally Sparrow
I wrote you a letter
To make you feel better
’bout the fact that I’m gone
I may be stuck in the past
But my future is vast
Don’t go looking for me
Girl, you’ve got to go on
Don’t think he’s taking to you
He’s just on the tv
Well look past the Easter Egg
And see the reality
A world of time and space
Inside a funny blue box
The angels are approaching
And the front door is locked

So don’t blink
I said, don’t blink
Just look directly at them
And they’ll stay where they are
I think they’re crying anyway
They can’t mean no harm
my eyes are watering
I’m right on the brink
I’m sure nothing would happen
If I were to-

The doctor isnt here this time
This wont be a breeze
He’s stuck in 1969
On your dvds
Just listen very carefully
To what he’s got to say
Do not turn your back on them
And don’t look away
If they get inside the tardis
Then the sun will go out
Just go down to the cellar
And show them what you’re about
They move faster than
You could ever beleive
Dont let the light go out
And dont be naive

The future’s coming quickly
So please dont be scared
The answers will find you
Just make sure you’re prepared
When you see the doctor
Then youll work out the link
But even though its ended
Please be sure not to blink
7. Type 40

Powered by the eye of harmony
I can travel anywhere in space and time
I’m linked to the Doctor symbiotically
Got his imprint on my briode nebuliser

There used to be 305 of me
But the rest were decommissioned and replaced
Takes 6 pilots to fly me properly
Only happened once at the Medusa Cascade

The last Type 40 in the universe, but there’s still so much to see
But I’ll be going on adventures so long as there’s huon energy
My chameleon circuit hasn’t worked since 1963
But the Doctor won’t give up on me

My interior’s in a state of temporal grace
Though on occasion that gets circumvented
Inside me there’s an awful lot of space
Because I’m dimensionally transcendental

I’ve withstood falling down for miles and miles
Suffered three thousand degree heat without scorching
Hit by the Titanic when I was in mid-flight
Every time he’s sure to fix me

8. Exterminate, Regenerate

It’s been such a long time since I met you back on Skaro
And I’m pretty sure that you know
That not much has changed since then
It doesn’t matter how hard you try to remove me
I think you will agree
That if one of us dies, then the other will too
I am locked in war with you

Exterminate, Regenerate
I thought you always knew our fate
To just keep fighting on and on
While time keeps turning
Regenerate, Exterminate
And even though we are the same
Why don’t you hop into your ship
And leave me burning

Even though, as men, we have our contrasts
We’re of exactly the same class
And our constant companion is death
Look at you, fashioning people into weapons
How can you say that you’re better than me?
We both carry the fire, that is set to devour life

We both carry the fire, that has the power to end life
But what I do with that flame is what separates our types
If it takes till the end of reality to beat you
Then ill be sure to meet you, at the exit of the world

Exterminate, Regenerate
You know that it isn’t too late
To end what seems impossible
And leave time turning
Regenerate, Exterminate
And even though we aren’t the same
Why don’t you hop into my ship
And we can settle this
And we can settle this

And we can settle this, forever
Yeah we can travel time, together
We can settle this, forever

9. K9’s Lament

I knew a man that I will never forget
But nobody ever remembers the pet
He took me from the year 5000 on a lonely asteroid
He said he was looking for a droid
He was my master, his attention I did crave
To him, I was nothing more than a slave
We saved creatures all across the galaxy
But nobody ever thought to save me

And I wonder what life would be like if
I could choose not to say affirmitive
People tell me what to do and I just roll along
But inside my metal head I’m singing my song

Treacherous compliance, what have you done to me?
I’m a fraction of the shadow of the canine I could be
I see other dogs in the park fetching sticks and digging bones
Never has a tin dog ever felt so alone
Oh no

He gave me to Sarah Jane as a gift
but I wasn’t consulted, I was a little miffed
Is this what I’m reduced to, a casual memento?
I’ve seen all of creation, but to it I’m incidental
But there’s more to this automaton than they will ever know
I’m more than just alloys and circuits, I have soul
And I’ve got dreams just like everybody else
I could conquer the world if I could conquer myself
10. Journey’s End

Something was wrong when the stars went out
Didn’t know what it was all about
Then the bees started to fly away
And earth got trapped in the Medusa Cascade

Through the subwave network everybody had a chat
Harriet was murdered and then everyone was sad
Davros stole the signal and the Doctor was amazed
How was he alive and who had brought him to this place

Spotted Rose Tyler across the fog
Heard ‘exterminate’ and he was shot
Started glowing with a golden shine
Transferred his energy then he was fine

He was pretty lucky that he kept his severed hand
Though in terms of canon I do not quite understand
What was Russell thinking, what the hell was going on
OK fine we’re sorry we’ll get right back to the song

We’ve reached the journey’s end
Having a laugh inside the TARDIS
Though it didn’t make much sense
Always nice to see them Daleks

Martha Jones teleported, to Germany
Where she prepared to use the Osterhagen Key
Jack had a necklace thing; a Warp Star so I’m told
But Davros was like “no, come hang out in my vault” (boogie)

Threw the TARDIS into the fire
Donna thought that things were looking dire
Second Doctor grew from energy
Captain Jack started having fantasies

Caan went to the Time War and it muddled up his brain
Now he sees the future but he’s totally insane
Silly Silly Davros thinks that Caan is on his side
Wait till he discovers that the prophecy’s a lie

Davros revealed his master plan
If you need a reality bomb, he’s your man!
Donna flicked a switch and said some complex words
The Daleks exploded and they saved the Earth (yay)

One last thing before we finish, Donna’s mind was wiped
Doctor had to leave if she remembered she would die
Sarah Jane returned to Mr Smith, K9 and Luke
Didn’t mention Mickey cos he’s really not much use

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Lyrics van het album
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